Hong Kong

Mai Po Nature Reserve

Mai Po is every birdwatcher’s dream come true – thanks to its pristine wetland charm and rich biodiversity. The reserve plays host to thousands of aquatic and migratory birds and other wetland creatures that can be viewed in plenty thanks to expertly guided tours conducted by WWF.

Managed by WWF

Mai Po is an ecologically significant 270-acre marshland that is formed at the confluence of three riverine bodies – the Sham Chun River, Shan Pui River and the Tin Shui Wai Nullah. The reserve has been managed by World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong since 1983. Entry to the reserve is restricted and requires a government permit. It takes about four weeks so you’ll need to apply online prior to your arrival at Hong Kong but this wetland haven is worth the effort.

Diverse Tours

WWF organizes different tours to cater to different interests. From January to April, the Magic of Migration tour takes you through the habitats of thousands of migratory birds who flock here to nest until warmer weather beckons them back home. The Exploring Mai Po and the Mangrove Boardwalk Tours are conducted every weekend through the year. The latter includes walking on a floating wooden pathway deep through the mangrove forest – a singularly exciting experience.

Handy Tips

  • Binoculars are available on request for viewing birds.
  • Please note that children under 4 years are not permitted within the reserve while older children are restricted from entering certain designated areas. Please check their website for details.