Maestra Vida

Dust off your dancing shoes before heading into Maestra Vida. This is Bella Vista's sauciest salsa club with music made for dancing and excellent mojitos to fuel the fire.

Sparkling Reputation

Maestra Vida is just one of countless clubs in the internationally known Bella Vista neighborhood. Lauded as Santiago’s best nightlife district, it’s easy to include Maestra Vida in a night of club hopping through Bella Vista, though once you walk in, you may not want to leave.

Sizzling Salsa

With a seductive mix of salsa, cumbia, and other Latin music pumping out over the speakers, Maestra Vida quickly transforms each night into a pulsing salsa dance club. Quench your thirst between songs with one of the club’s famous, and reasonably priced, cocktails. Mojitos are a particular house specialty.

Beginner Friendly

Though you’ll almost certainly see some envy-inspiring moves from advanced dancers on the floor, the environment at Maestra Vida is completely beginner-friendly. Introductory lessons are offered four nights a week (on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday) at no extra charge beyond the club’s cover.