Madureira Park

This community recreational area is a wonderful place to relax in Rio.

Relax in Rio’s Biggest Recreation Facility

Madureira Park is set in the heart of Rio’s northern zone, and is popular with locals and tourists alike. Young people and families flock there to enjoy the recreational facilities, entertainment areas and performance spaces, especially those dedicated to music. The park itself is truly enormous at ninety-three thousand square metres, so there’s plenty of space to spread out and take the dayofff. If nothing else, it’s worth heading down to the park just to see the sheer scale and energy of the place–few cities in the world have anything like this.

Ideal for Entertaining the Whole Family

If you’re travelling as a family, a visit to Madureira Park is an ideal way to keep everyone happy for at least a few hours. The park is a safe, friendly space to visit, and has something for everyone, from sports fields to skate parks, grassy areas to lie on, or gazebos to shelter under–even an area dedicated to samba!