Madrid’s Gran Via

Gran Via is one of the busiest streets in Madrid's commercial district, and considered the heart and soul of the city. It's the place to spend hours window shopping or watching one the latest plays to hit the theatres.

Gran Via, The Street That Has Everything

The Heart And Soul Of Madrid

There is so much to see in the wonderful city of Madrid, but a stroll down Gran Via is a must to really experience the vibrancy of the city. There are rows of glitzy shops and department stores, and the street is packed with people. In the evening it turns into one of the hottest spots to experience Spanish nightlife.

Lots of Entertainment

As well as shopping, Gran Via hosts an array of theatres, cinemas, museums, restaurants and hotels. For a more relaxed experience, it’s a good idea to pick one of the restaurants with a large terrace. Lots of people enjoy watching the hustle and bustle of this amazing street whilst enjoying some local tapas.

Stunning Architecture

Many films feature Madrid’s Gran Via, and its eye catching buildings have become local landmarks. The Metropolis Building, Edificio Grassy and Telefonica Building are some of the most famous places to visit. Test your local knowledge by finding out which building was Europe’s first skyscraper!