Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library and Museum

Founded in honor of Lyndon Baines Johnson,the 36th President of the United States, the LBJ Museum is the historical archive for his life's work.

An American Tradition for Research

With over 45 million documents, the LBJ Museum serves as a research and exhibition facility dedicated to the legacy of the former President. As a museum, visitors learn about the events and circumstances that President Johnson lived through that guided his life and decisions.

A Life and Legacy

The LBJ Museum offers access to its library, photo and audio archives, and other research material. A continually changing schedule of events include films, guest lecturers, and discussions and conversation on local, state, and national politics. Permanent historical exhibits include informative displays about the Civil Rights era, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy which led to LBJ’s succession to the Presidency, as well as LBJ’s Presidential Limousine and a replica of the Oval Office in the White House at the time of his terms in office.

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