Luna Park

As Sydney’s only amusement park Luna Park is really quite the hoot. Located at Milsons Point, on the north shore of Sydney Harbour, the park is home to an array of thrilling and adrenaline fuelled rides, roller coasters and arcade games that’ll transform you back to the 1980’s…get ready for some old-school retro fun!

What to Do

If you’re not a big fan of fast-paced, stomach-turning, rollercoasters then make a B-line for the gentle Ferris Wheel, the calm Carousel or the children’s Whirly Wheel! Alternatively, if you’d quite like to get the adrenaline running take a seat on the Wild Mouse ride, hop aboard the Rotor or take a stroll around Mystery Manor. Don’t forget to visit Coney Island, a replica version of New York’s old school seaside retreat!

How to Get Here

Luna Park sits just across the harbour and can be accessed by car over the Sydney Harbour Bridge or by ferry from Circular Quay. Either way, the journey takes just under 20 minutes. Once here there’s no need to leave the amusement park to fuel up on lunch or dinner as you’ll find an array of eateries inside the complex including the Hungry Horse (suitable for families) and The Deck Sydney (fine dining).