Louisiana Children’s Room

Hands-on exhibits and regular educational programming keep young minds engaged at the Louisiana Children's Museum.

The “stickiness” factor

Founded in 1986, the Louisiana Children’s Museum devotes itself to creating memorable learning experiences for kids from the earliest stages of development. It encourages hands-on education and family bonding with a wide range of exhibits and activities.

Two floors of fun

A dozen unique exhibits are spread over the museum’s two-story building. Kids can climb a rock wall to experience how their muscles work, or flex their creativity with drawing, painting, and sculpture in the Art Trek. Pulleys and levers; stop, drop, and roll; local architecture; even checking out at the grocery store… Every corner of the Louisiana Children’s Museum helps kids better understand the world around them.

Regular programming

In addition to the standing exhibits, the museum hosts loads of educational and entertaining programs. Holidays, birthdays of famous artists, and multicultural celebrations might all find their way onto the calendar. There are also frequent storytimes for the museum’s youngest patrons throughout the week.