Los Gordos

Los Gordos, a picturesque restaurant set in the scenic foothills of the majestic Andes Mountains, is renowned for its traditional homely Chilean flavors as well as international cuisine.

Distinctive Location

Los Gordos has been in the culinary business for about 30 years now and is a regular stop for tourists and adventurers on their hike up the mountains. Situated right next to a river and a forest of eucalyptus at the foothills of Cordillera del Arrallán, it makes for a memorable meal.

The restaurant, an extension of an old family house, boasts a warm, rustic atmosphere with its stone-and-wood architecture. The staff is family-friendly and if you’re early, you can get seated near the river. The large French windows give one the feeling of being right in the heart of the forest.

Dine in Nature’s Lap

Los Gordos is ideal as a quick stopover for snacks or for a relaxed afternoon meal. They serve a variety of sandwiches and hamburgers. You can also enjoy many local produce from the Chilean market and served in various traditional styles. If you are there for the ambience, the barbecues come recommended.  Some of their chef recommendations are Nests de la Gorda, Fillet Diane, Fillet of the Bass, Jubilee Cherries, and Lúcuma Milkshake.

It is an ideal place to bring your children – it’s simply refreshing!