Los Domínicos Village

This is a renowned arts and crafts market in one of the heritage districts of Santiago and set in an artistic village that is dedicated to preserving the rich heritage of Chile.

Renowned over Decades

Known locally as Pueblito Los Dominocos, the village was originally a gift to Inez de Suarez in 1544 and subsequently passed through several hands.

The place became popular among artisans who took up abode in the historic buildings here and soon a modern market was born in 80s. Over the decades, it has now become a popular place among Chileans and tourists.

Traditional Goods, Arts and Crafts

There are about 200 stores here at the Los Domínicos Market that sell traditional goods, arts and crafts. They sell a wide range of artwork and sculptures in leather and wood. You can also hope to pick up some unique paintings, fine jewellery, copper cookware, medicinal herbs, Chilean plants and traditional foods.

The facilities in Los Domínicos Market are fairly well-kept with shady areas and clean bathrooms.

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