Longwood Gardens

Philadelphia’s world-class botanical garden offers dozens of floral delights.

Plants from the Across the Globe

The land dedicated to the Longwood Gardens has a long history. Its founders were the grandsons of the man who purchased the property directly from William Penn himself. Today visitors to the gardens will find more than 11,000 different species of plants from around the world.

Different Climates and Habitats

Inside the conservatory, various exotic flowers grow, and visitors will find plants from all climates, from tropical to desert. These displays change seasonally–water lilies in the summer, orchids in the winter. When the weather is warm, the gardens host outdoor concerts, and the space is filled with poinsettias and twinkling lights at Christmas.

Visitors can stroll through Pierce’s Woods, featuring eight outdoor “rooms” that feature several different forest habitats. In 2014, the 86-acre Meadow Gardens opened, where nature enthusiasts will discover hiking trails and the historic Webb Farmhouse. There’s also the indoor Children’s Garden, brimming with fountains for splashing.