London, England

London Eye

It’s not just an ordinary ferris wheel; it is what they call “the world’s largest cantilevered observation wheel". It gives you an unmatched, panoramic view of the beautiful city of London in air-conditioned capsules that look like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Iconic Attraction

Welcome to the magnificent London Eye, an architectural and engineering feat of gigantic proportions built in 1999 along the Thames. Like the Eiffel Tower, the Eye was intended as a temporary structure. However, its popularity with global tourists and Londoners has made it a permanent and iconic feature in the city’s skyline. It stands at a majestic height of 135 feet and has won several awards in tourism and for its path-breaking design and construction.

Spectacular Views

Also known as the Millennium Wheel, it has 32 ovoid passenger pods encapsulated in clear, special glass to handle weather fluctuations. Though seating is provided, you can walk around the pod to enjoy a 360-degree view of London on a ride that lasts for a blissful 30 minutes. Consider opting for a ride after dusk – the Eye is lit up spectacularly and so is the city.

It’s not like anyone needs a reason to fall in love with London, but a ride on the Eye will help ensure that you do.

Handy Tips

  • Queues build up fast at the London Eye. We suggest that you book and print your tickets online.
  • If you book your online tickets, at least 24 hours in advance, you get to enjoy a 10% discount.

Photos from London Eye