Lodge Park and Sherborne Estate

Spread over 4138 acres of pristine greenery, Lodge Park and Sherborne Estate is a nature-lover’s dream come true.

Rolling Hills and Meadows

The rolling hills dotted with sheep, spreading meadows hued yellow with wildflowers, a crystal-clear Sherborne Brook that meanders through the estate – these are just some of the memorable vistas that await you.

If you are lucky, you might even get to enjoy a close encounter with a deer at the Deer Park.

The Estate is also home to protected wildlife especially raptors. Other interesting inhabitants include Yellowhammers, Corn Bunting, Waterfowls, Herons and Otters.

Picnics and Woodland Strolls

Some of the activities and events that are available at Lodge Park and Sherborne Estate include Bridgeman Walk, Woodland Stroll, Sherborne Ranger Walks and International Sheep Dog Trials.

A second-hand book stall allows you peruse through while enjoying a light meal with afternoon tea in the tea-room. You can also pack a picnic and enjoy the back-to-nature surroundings of Lodge Park with your family and friends.

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