Hong Kong

Lock Cha Tea House

Wonderful tea haven that serves freshly brewed tea and delicious dim sum. With traditional Cantonese interiors and soothing folk music, this is the place where guests can relax after a day of exploring downtown Hong Kong.

After exploring Hong Kong Park, take a 2-minute walk along Cotton Tree Drive and visit Lock Cha Tea House. Located in downtown Hong Kong, this tea shop is known for its soothing ambience, traditional Cantonese interiors, and diverse selection of tea. Kids are welcome to dine in this tea house, but its overall mood is geared towards adults.

Tea shop that brews fresh leaves

The tea shop’s hot drinks are made from fresh tea leaves, so every drop has a rich flavor that can relax one’s senses. The shop offers dim sum and vegetarian dishes that go well with the tea. Their menu is quite pricey, but the quality of their food and tea is worth every penny.

Enjoy traditional Chinese culture

Aside from the from the food and tea, the Lock Cha tea house also offers a stunning view of Hong Kong Park to make your visit more worthwhile. The shop really knows how to introduce the best of Chinese culture thanks to the weekly music programs that feature traditional Cantonese folk music. Once your senses have been invigorated or if you like to learn more about Chinese tea, feel free to visit Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware.