Locanda Orseolo

The tiny boutique Locanda Orseolo is one of Venice's hidden gems with plush decor and warm staff.

Plush and playful

The wood paneling, deep red palette, and commedia dell’arte murals throughout this boutique hotel all make the Locanda Orseolo classically Venetian without feeling heavy-handed or stereotypical. The richly draped rio Orseolo rooms have supreme views, and you may very well drift off to sleep with the songs of gondoliers drifting in from the windows.

Centrally hidden

Tracking down the Locanda Orseolo’s gated courtyard is quite the challenge at first. But the hotel provides guests with detailed directions and once you’ve gotten your bearings, Venice’s greatest sights will be at your fingertips. While private, the hotel is still just minutes from St. Mark’s.

Old World service

The customer service at Locanda Orseolo is as decidedly Old World as its brocade and crystal decor. The 12 rooms may be a bit cozy and there may not be an elevator on site, but the attentive hospitality of the staff more than makes up for the quirks of boutique character. This friendliness of service isn’t something you find at cookie cutter luxury hotel chains.

Stay at home!

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