L’Oasi della Birra

Formerly known as “Enoteca Palombi,” L’Oasi della Birra (The Beer Oasis) offers a break from the typically wine-centric Italian culinary climate. Customers can enjoy an evening’s aperitivo with one of 500 labels of beer, many of which come from Italy’s microbreweries and are difficult to find anywhere else.

Everything Pairs Well With Beer

During the day, L’Oasi della Birra functions like a traditional Italian deli. Here you’ll find Italian cold cuts, cheese, wines, chocolates, and other Italian culinary staples. After 5pm, this enoteca becomes a fantastic spot for aperitivo: a kind of buffet-style affair with a wide selection of salads, meats, pastas, and other foods from various culinary traditions. L’Oasi della Birra’s aperitivo provides full meals, including German bar food like wurstel and goulash, as well as bruschetta and other smaller-portion dishes.

Beer in Abundance

Though they offer wine, grappa, and hard alcohol, the beer selection at L’Oasi della Birra is, appropriately, their biggest attraction. While stocking Italian microbrewed rarities, they also serve German and Belgian beer, as well as various American microbrew varieties. In the summer, all of these beers—and the aperitivo—can be enjoyed outside on warm evenings in Testaccio square. Customer’s can walk in, but they do take reservations.