Tuscany, Italy

Lo Spaccio (Prada Outlet)

Located just a short drive from Arezzo in the small town of Montevarchi, Lo Spaccio specializes in only one brand, and that is Prada. If you can’t afford products from Prada in the expensive shops in the city, head out to Lo Spaccio and you will be amazed at the discounts they offer.

When to Come

The shops at Lo Spaccio are opened all year around, but opening times vary from day to day, so it’s best to call in advance and check. This Prada Outlet recommends its visitors to arrive before 9 AM before they open. Try to avoid coming here on the weekends and during holidays, as there are many people visiting at that time.


Getting to Lo Spaccio is relatively easy. For those who don’t have cars, the outlet offers a transfer service for an additional fee. Visitors can arrange pick-ups by phone or at the outlet. This car service picks up passengers from and to the address.

Stay at home!

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