Little Pine

Little Pine sits in beautiful and trendy Silver Lake, close to many places to shop, walk, and enjoy stunning scenery in Los Angeles.

Little Pine, in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles, is musician Moby’s venture into Los Angeles dining. He has created a space that’s architecturally stunning (yet simple), warm and gracious, and filled with amazing food that’s served for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch. When Moby was asked why he’d open a restaurant in Los Angeles, especially when he’d have to deal with renovating space, jumping through bureaucratic hoops, and coming up with a menu of great food, he said it was obvious: He wanted to have the ability “to take a bunch of the things I care about… and represent them all in one space.”

Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, and Drinks at Little Pine

Little Pine is Moby’s vision for the things he loves, and it’s a way for him to gather the community that he’s a part of and create an even bigger community of people who care about the planet, animals, and each other (and beautiful design). At Little Pine, some of the amazing dishes and beverages that await include pastries, soups, salads, sandwiches, frittatas, breads and spreads, vegetable dishes, pastas, shepherd’s pies, risottos, polentas, s’mores, cookies, crumbles, beer, wine, and even mimosas.

Little Pine is not far from Downtown Los Angeles and West Hollywood, and all of the things to do in LA that visitors come to the city for.

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