Little Palace Hotel

This 4-Star boutique hotel is within walking distance from many of Paris’ major cultural attractions.

Hotel with a History

The Little Palace Hotel has always been a hotel–it served that precise purpose when it was constructed in 1911. But guests shouldn’t worry that the century-old accommodations will be out of date–its owners recently renovated the rooms. Happily, the building’s exterior retains its classic Parisian charm. Its name glows beneath the peaks of the old-fashioned chimneys, beckoning visitors to its beds.

Center of the Action

The Little Palace’s 53 rooms all have air conditioning, and many have their own balconies. The decor is bright and modern, featuring pops of green and purple. The hotel offers a buffet breakfast from 7:00 to 10:30 each morning, and the gorgeous hotel bar offers stronger beverages beneath a stunning 1920’s art deco glass ceiling.

Perhaps the best part of staying in The Little Palace is that it’s so close to almost everything a visitor in Paris would want to see. The hotel is across from La Gaîté Lyrique theatre, and it’s within walking distance of The Louvre, Centre Pompidou, and Notre Dame Cathedral. Though the hotel is somewhat small, the experience it offers is indeed palatial.