The Eiffel Tower

The story of the Eiffel Tower is inextricably linked with the indomitable spirit of France. She stands tall as a symbol of the nation’s architectural prowess as 50 engineers and 300 construction workers brought together 18000 parts in record time to create an enduring national monument.

Eiffel Tower

The Iron Lady of France

Gustave Eiffel, the tower’s designer, intended for it to stand only 20 years but its role in the first radio transmissions and eventually, telecommunications resulted in the Eiffel Tower becoming a permanent fixture in the skyline of Paris. The Iron Lady, as the Tower is fondly called, has since reflected the life and times of France.

Attractions, restaurants and fabulous views

There are three levels for visitors and you can choose to use steps (only up to the 2nd level) or the glass lift all the way to the top. Just so you know, tickets for the stairs are at almost half-the price. The first level has been revamped with a transparent floor and glass balustrades to provide spectacular views of Paris to visitors. An immersion show and interactive displays draw us into the magic of this distinctively French icon. There are souvenir shops and snack buffets on all levels of the tower except the top. You can also opt for some fine dining at Le 58 tour Eiffel on the first level or Le Jules Verne on the second while drinking in the incredible vista of the city of lights.

Beloved tourist attraction

The Eiffel Tower is exceptional in that she changes to suit the needs of her visitors. Her colors are changed every seven years. Restaurants, shops, resting places and viewing decks have been added and expanded progressively to suit the growing number of tourists.

She also takes on different hues at different times of the day as daylight and weather play on your imagination. At night, she is a thing of sheer beauty as she sparkles and glitters into the dark skies. It’s no wonder that the tower continues to inspire and illuminate for over a century!

Handy Tip:

  • Book and print tickets online to save yourself some precious time and hassle.

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