Hong Kong

Lin Heung Tea House

Hong Kong is a great place to enjoy those modest-sized nuggets of moist, flavorful dumplings called dim sum, arguably Chinese cuisine’s most famous gift to the world. Lin Heung Tea House ranks pretty high when it comes to authentic dim sum served traditionally.

Serving traditional fare

Lin Heung was founded in 1926 and counts among the last few of its kind. Though known as ‘tea house’ this eatery serves a fantastic array of dim sum all day long which explains the steady stream of diners. However, there is a change of gears for dinner as a wide range of traditional signature dishes are served many of which continue to command a loyal following among Hong Kong-ers.

A versatile menu

They have an eclectic range of dim sum on offer – Steamed Chicken in Tofu Roll, the delectable Siu Mai (pork dumplings), Steamed beef meatballs, Char siu bao (buns stuffed with barbequed pork), ha gow (dainty-looking shrimp dumplings) and a lot more.

That being said, unless you have a local to guide you, we suggest that you order the dim sum as take-away. There’s a lot of competitive self-service that could, let’s say, ruin your appetite. Dinner, though, is a relatively placid affair. You can especially enjoy their famed signature dish, the Lin Heung Special Duck made using traditional methods which mandates that is ordered a day earlier.