Like Stationery

A bright and cheerful Amsterdam boutique that specializes in stationery and other paper products from around the world.

Paper Goods to Write Home About

Like Stationery is a wonderful store for tourists who want to purchase something stylish to write home on. The shop offers quality Dutch paper products, as well as paper products from Asia and Scandinavia. The passion project of graphic designer Sanne Dirkzwager, Like Stationery also sells some of her own unique designs.

Stationery and More

The boutique offers more than just stationery itself. Its beautiful, well-made products also include individual cards, notepads, notebooks, and day planners. And of course, there are plenty of writing utensils to go along with the paper products–pens, pencils, paperclips. It even offers photo albums, an ideal souvenir for visitors who want to remember their trip.

One of Like Stationery’s specialties is the “Stationery Box,” which is a gift box filled with a surprise selection of paper products. Each box has a theme, lovingly curated with a careful eye for detail. Examples of past themes are “glitter” and “herbarium.” Like Stationery is a great stop for any shopper who loves putting pen to paper.