Liberty Bell Center

Visitors can celebrate one of the most iconic symbols of American freedom.

More than Just a Bell

The Liberty Bell originally hung in the steeple of nearby Independence Hall. Legend has it the bell cracked upon its very first ringing, but the distinctive crack it’s known for today came about sometime in the 19th century. Now travelers from the world over flock to see this iconic 2080-pound behemoth suspended from its original yoke.

An American Experience

Visitors to the Liberty Bell center will find more than just the famous object itself. The center offers various exhibits about the bell’s influence throughout American history. There’s even an x-ray of the bell and its notable scar.
The center’s architecture is bright and modern, featuring large windows that provide a view of Independence Hall, the birthplace of the nation. While visitors do have to go through a security screening at the entrance, the center is open year-round, and admission is absolutely free. The Liberty Bell Center is an ideal stop for history buffs.