Les Lauriers

Les Lauriers is an eco-hotel and restaurant located on the island of Praslin, just north of Male island and east of La Digue. If you’re visiting the island, then a stop at Lauriers is a must for authentic Creole cuisine in a typical Seychelles setting: thatched huts and green flora-filled gardens.

Buffet BBQ

The restaurant is famed for its buffet which boasts a colourful array of salads, curries, BBQ meats and freshly grilled fish. The service is impeccable, the fruit bat curry is a must and the BBQ is manned by the owner himself – what more could you ask for!?

Pricing and Times

The buffet, which runs 7 pm – 10:30 pm every day except Wednesday costs a set price of 450SCR (£24) per adult and 200SCR (£10) per child aged 3-11 years. Drinks aren’t included in the price, but dessert is so make sure you save room for passion fruit cheesecake!