Les Arcades SMLXL

Les Arcades SMLXL sizes its dishes in the same way clothing manufacturers size their garments, allowing guests to pick the meal that’s right for them.

From Clothing Tag to the Table

The phrase “SMLXL” may look familiar–it’s all the most common clothing sizes bunched into one word, of course. That word summarizes the gimmick of this Lyon restaurant: it serves every dish in four different sizes. Need a quick snack? Pick the small meal. Absolutely starving? Better go with the extra large. Everyone can eat just as much as they please at Les Arcades SMLXL.

A Wide Range of Sizes, but only Superior Quality

Just because the restaurant has an obvious scheme doesn’t mean it skimps on quality. Its award-winning chef uses only seasonal, eco-friendly products. Dishes include Spinach Ricotta Ravioli with truffle cream sauce and Oriental Meatballs with pasta–in whatever size the guests prefer.

There are 32 wines on the restaurant’s list, all from France and Italy. A wide range of sizes means a wide range of prices—there’s even an XS menu for kids. The interior decor is quirky, with black tables and modern lights.