London, England

Leicester Square

Leicester (pronounced 'lester') Square, a modest-sized public square in London, is a bustling entertainment hub frequented by locals and hugely popular among tourists.

From Private Grounds to Public Square

This square was formed in 1670 and was part of the Leicester House grounds which was owned by Robert Sidney, the 2nd Earl of Leicester. It has seen its share of fame and neglect until 2011 when the city commissioned a £12 million project to revamp the square.

Busy and Eventful Venue

The square, not too far from Trafalgar Square, has a welcome spot of refreshing green thanks to a small garden with bespoke bronze and timber benches set on white granite paving. There is also an imposing statue of Shakespeare in a nod to the large number of theaters here. If you’re in the mood for a play, get your tickets from the famed TKTS Counter that offers them at half-price. The square is also home to premier movie theatres and charming pavement cafes. At night, the square is frequented by young people who crowd the pubs and clubs here.

Oh, and by the way, Leicester Square isn’t really square at all. Just so you know.

Photos from Leicester Square