Hong Kong

Lei Yue Mun

Lei Yue Mun is a quaint little fishing village beside the channel that goes by the same name too. The village is known for its fresh seafood and features several waterfront restaurants that are happy to cook just about any catch that you can handle.

Unhurried and relaxed pace

Lei Yue Mun is a strategic channel that provides the eastern access route to enter Hong Kong’s famed Victoria Harbour from the South China Sea. But the channel is the only busy part of this place. A brief walk through the Lei Yue Mun village will convince you that the clock stopped ticking here a couple of decades ago. However, every weekend the village bustles with visitors who come here for its seafood delights.

Fresh seafood

It’s obvious, Lei Yue Mun does not believe in freezing its catch as you’ll pass by several stores stacked with tanks stocked with live catch – crabs, prawns, shrimps, lobsters and fishes. You’ll have the honor of choosing your seafood and the restaurant will cook it for you! Notable restaurants here are Hoi Tin Garden Restaurant, Sea King Garden Restaurant, Lung Mun Seafood, Wai Lung Seafood, Monet Garden and Gateway Cuisine.

A visit to Lei Yue Mun is a markedly different experience from the pristine waterfront promenades and gleaming skyscrapers of the city. However, this is what Hong Kong is all about – the old and the new in peaceful co-existence.