Lebanese Flower

It’s hearty, full of flavor and simply down-to-earth cuisine at the Lebanese Flower. As suggested by the eponym, the restaurant is devoted to the flavors of the Levant with a special salute to Beirut.

Loyal fan following

Lebanese Flower began as one of those quiet, corner eateries that grew suddenly on the sheer strength of its flavor. Currently, there are a couple of restaurants and a hugely successful bakery dedicated to creating Lebanese delicacies and breads.  The restaurants have serious loyalists who are happy to queue around the block for their take-out orders.

Hearty cuisine

The menu is pretty straightforward. You can opt for a choice of meats and fish. Now all you have to is decide how you want your protein – wrapped in a shawarma, as a sandwich or grilled. They serve a fabulous Mixed Grill Platter that comes with Hummus, Garlic Paste, pickled vegetables and fluffy fatoush.  They also have a colorful range of fresh fruit juices and blends that have garnered their own fan following.

Lebanese Flower prides itself on its grilled meats – so you can expect a wait as your order is grilled to perfection. The wait, though, is worth it.