Le Perle Noir

The “Black Pearl” is a Seychelles favourite of many tourists and locals alike. Specialising in Italian and Creole cuisine the restaurant serves up succulent meat and fish concoctions including spaghetti lobster, spicy prawns and sirloin steak.

Where to Sit

You can choose between dining inside in the air-conditioned dining room (that takes on a maritime theme) or outside, on the veranda where you’ll be surrounded by lush gardens. On Friday and Saturday you’ll be hard pressed to walk in for a table so make sure you reserve one in advance.

What to Drink

The bar here holds the most extensive variety of whiskey on the island, enjoy it on the rocks, neat or mixed in a cocktail of choice. There’s so much whiskey stocked here that it even creeps into some of the dishes, we’re looking at you Lobster Pasta and whiskey!