Le Montana

Le Montana serves traditional Moroccan cuisine on a large patio with panoramic views.

Moroccan Cuisine in the Heart of Lyon

For many years, the northern African country of Morocco was a colony of France. Because the two nations had a close (if fraught) relationship, their respective cuisines have mingled over time. Le Montana is one of Lyon’s finest Moroccan restaurants, serving traditional Berber dishes. And of course, traditional Moroccan mint tea for only €2 a glass.

Delicious Food in a Spectacular Setting

The restaurant’s menu specializes in bright, exotic flavors. Visitors can try the Tajine Amandes, made with lamb, almonds, and apricot, or the Couscous Tfaya, made with raisins and candied onions. And they offer a variety of Moroccan pastry selections for dessert.

One major draw of Le Montana is its panoramic terrace, which can seat up to 100 guests. Its prices are very reasonable, and there are even group rates: €25 per person for 6 courses! Visitors should be aware that the restaurant is closed on Mondays.