Le Mondrian

A quirky restaurant inspired by the modern art of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian.

A Culinary Tribute to a Famous Painter

The Dutch Painter Piet Mondrian became renown for his drastic straight lines and bright cubes of color. At the height of his influence, his style took the cultural world by storm, even making it onto dresses designed by Yves Saint-Laurent. At this namesake restaurant, chefs Maxine Delorme and Michel Fiet aim to break from tradition, just like he did.

Simple Dishes Elevated

Like straight lines and basic colors, Le Mondrian starts with simple, hearty fare and then evolves it into something special. The menu includes items like duck foie gras, as well as a burger topped with potatoes, handmade ketchup, arugula, and parmesan. There are also special menus for the holidays.

The interior of the restaurant pays tribute to Mondrian’s art as well. The decor features vivid colors, geometric shapes, and 1950’s style chairs. The restaurant also has a beautiful shaded patio on the banks of the Rhône.

Stay at home!

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