Las Vegas Strip

Day and night, the Las Vegas Strip pulsates with energy! Along the strip you will find places to stay, eat, shop, and, of course, gamble!

The strip in Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of the most heavily traveled roads in the United States. Officially called Las Vegas Boulevard, this stretch of road extends a little over four miles, but it is completely bordered by tourist hotspots. Casinos, resort hotels, shops, restaurants, clubs, and chapels line the strip. Iconic locations such as Tropicana, Treasure Island, Flamingo, and Circus Circus are amazing sights to see, especially at night when all of the lights make the buildings come alive. Other properties seem to transport you to another country or another time period. Admire the architecture and culture of ancient Rome at Ceasars Palace. Experience a taste of Europe at the hotels Venetian or Paris. Find a dragon, magician, or royalty at Excalibur. Check out the inside of what appears to be an Egyptian pyramid, the hotel casino Luxor. Feel free to venture into any of the casino hotels located along the Las Vegas Strip. They are welcoming to guests, but if you have people with you who are under the age of 21, their access inside the hotel casinos will be limited.

Pedestrian traffic is heavy on the Las Vegas Strip. There are plenty of sidewalks and crosswalks to help people get from one part of the strip to another. Walking the strip gives visitors a close-up view of each building’s intricate design. You will find entertainment every step of the way down the strip. Public transportation is readily available along the strip. Purchasing a bus pass is an economical and safe way to travel. If you are driving your own vehicle or a rental vehicle, drive with caution and be alert. Accidents happen on Las Vegas Boulevard all of the time. Parking may be difficult to find and costly as well.

The Las Vegas Strip is truly a vibrant sight at night, but it is not always a tame place to visit. When the sun goes down, the advertising for adult entertainment goes up: it is not uncommon for solicitors along the strip to be handing out fliers for adult entertainment. If you find this offensive, you may want to ignore any pamphlets or brochures that they try to pass into your hand as you walk by.

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