Las Varas

Las Varas is every mountain biker’s dream come true! The Las Varas mountain trails are famed for their steep inclines, winding twists just as much for their exhilarating views amid great forests nestled within the Andes Mountains.

Hard Terrains, Rewarding Views

Every year during the dry months of September and October, the Hacienda Las Varas opens up their estate for adventurers. Mountain bikers arrive in droves to challenge themselves over steep ascents and tricky terrain.

As one climbs up some gruelling trails, they are amply rewarded with crisp, sparkling air, panoramic views of the snow-capped mountains in the distance and the scenic vistas of Santiago city below.

Las Varas comprises eight trails of varying difficulty that add up to 10.75 kms. of breathtaking views:

  1. Las Aguilas
  2. Anfirteatro
  3. Guayacan
  4. Lomaecha
  5. Monolito – Mirador
  6. Torres II

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