Langjokull Glacier

Langjokull Glacier is Iceland’s second biggest glacier and the third largest in Europe, as such it’s really quite a spectacle. Glistening white snow covers a giant sheet of ice and the temperature drops rapidly up here which make it the perfect location for a spot of snowmobiling.

How to Visit

The best way to visit the glacier is on a snowmobiling tour, and these run from both Reykjavik where you’ll board a coach and take the three-hour drive and from Gulfoss Falls where you can park your car and join a tour. It should be noted that the road up to the glacier is not accessible on your own and all travel must be done on a tour.

What to Expect

Snowmobiling tours vary with some being four-hour excursions and others being day trips. Combining snowmobiling with ice caving is a fun experience and involves 30 minutes of snowmobiling, 30 minutes ice caving and an hour and a half transportation either side in giant snow buggies.

Photos from Langjokull Glacier