Hong Kong

Lane Crawford, IFC Mall

Lane Crawford is an iconic luxury specialty store that is a destination of choice for Hong Kong-ers as well as visitors. The store is famed for its premium range of haute couture and lifestyle products.

A heritage of luxury

Lane Crawford was the brainchild of Thomas Lane and Ninian Crawford who opened the store in 1850 to cater to the needs of the English expatriate population in Hong Kong. They were hugely successful as evidenced by their claim to fame as a “Place to buy anything from a Pin to an Anchor.”

Flagship Store

The 6000 sq. ft. Lane Crawford store at IFC Mall is a flagship store of the specialty chain that elevates the shopper’s experience with well-appointed rooms that are curated by global fashion brands in clothes, footwear, accessories, beauty, jewellery, home and lifestyle. The store also offers personalized styling and beauty services.

The store is tastefully done by award-winning designers and is worth a visit for the sheer creativity of the décor. Don’t miss the art installation by Hirotoshi Sawada as well as Angelina, the authentic French patisserie on the 3rd Floor.