Land’s End

Land's End is a natural wonder of cliffs and plants at mainland Britain's most southwest point.

Lovely Landscapes

Fans of the great outdoors can find serenity in the gorgeous natural scenery of Land’s End. Found at Britain’s furthest southwest point, the breathtaking landscapes of the area are by far the biggest draw for visitors–though Land’s End has other attractions as well. And Land’s End is open all year round–tourists pay only for parking.

Cliffs and Wildlife

Visitors to Land’s End can take in magnificent coastal views above the 200-foot-high granite cliffs. There are also many walking paths surrounded by an enormous variety of plant life. Flora enthusiasts can try to spot the over 220 species of flowering plants and the 81 species of lichen! Birdwatchers are attracted to the area as well.

Horseback riding is available for those who would rather not hike Land’s End. The West County Shopping Village offers local goods and dining options. The landmark hosts different events throughout the year–check the website calendar for details.