Oxford, England

Lamb & Flag Pub

The Lamb & Flag is as Oxford-ian as the educational institutions that dot the city’s landscape. It is extremely popular for its top notch range of hand-drawn real ale served in warm, traditional settings.

Steeped in Oxford’s history

This iconic 500-year-old establishment is favored by Oxonians as well as city folk. As odd as it sounds, this pub was actually a tavern founded by St. John’s College in 1965. The college named it after the two symbols of St. John the Baptist, its patron saint – a lamb and a flag. It was leased to private enterprises until 1999, when the college took over the management again. Now, they channel the profits to student scholarships which makes the pub all the more appealing to the folks of Oxford.

Great atmosphere

The Lamb & Flag is a great place for Oxonians to unwind and for visitors to get a glimpse of university folk. The pub serves traditional fare but their sandwiches are generous.

Rumors abound of the pub having been visited by C.S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien.