Hong Kong

Ladies Market / Mong Kok

For affordable clothes and accessories, one of the most popular Hong Kong shopping destinations is Lady’s Market in Mong Kok. But despite its name, this shopping hub also has a lot of options for men.

Since the Lady’s Market is located in the city center, it can easily be accessed via the Star Ferry in Tsim Sha Tsui, bus, or MTR.  The stalls and restaurants are close together so it is easier to walk around. But if you are carrying a lot of items, public transportation is accessible in this area.

Ladies Market is great for bargain hunting

This shopping center occupies three busy streets. Aside from fashionable but affordable clothing and accessories, shoppers can also score electronic appliances at discount prices in Mong Kok shopping center which is nearby. Most of the days, the market is crowded, so it’s best if you plan your trip before going there.

Eating is not an issue

Haggling and roaming around a large shopping district can be tiring. Thankfully, there are several food joints scattered around Ladies Market. There are local restaurants if you want authentic Asian noodles or fresh rolls, but there are also shops that sell international meals.