Lacquerware Workshop

Lacquerware is an artistic trend and a traditional Burmese handicraft, as such you’ll find a string of lacquerware product for sale at Bagan’s markets, however, despite looking impressive, they will be faux lacquerware. For a chance to see the real deal, head to one of Bagan’s lacquerware workshops!

What is it?

Lacquerware refers to any object that’s been coated in lacquer and hand carved. The object is usually ornately decorated, and small wooden boxes, trinkets and storage pieces are the most popular items to turn into lacquerware. You’ll have noticed lacquerware products in most of the temples around town, but it also features heavily in the homes of local people.

How it’s Made

At a lacquerware workshop, you can witness the intricate process of the art as local workers turn basic dishware and wooden boxes into works of art. The process begins by carving a craft bamboo product, glazing it in lacquer (sometimes eight – 16 times!) and then painting it. The product is then left to dry in a cellar and is later decorated with traditional patterns using a needle. The end result is a beautiful product with an intricate hand carved design!

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