La Voute, Chez Léa

This historic bouchon has graced Lyon’s culinary scene since 1943, serving local favorites.

One of Lyon’s Culinary Institutions

Cooking was a passion for Léa Bidaut. She began working in restaurants all over France when she was only eighteen, and in 1943 she finally opened her own restaurant in Lyon: La Voute, Chez Léa. Eventually all her hard work paid off, and her eatery received a Michelin star. Though Léa no longer cooks the food herself, visitors to Lyon can still sample her delicious recipes.

A Traditional Bouchon

La Voute, Chez Léa is a typical Lyonnaise bouchon, serving mostly local dishes. One popular meal is the Quenelle–creamed crayfish covered in breadcrumbs and cooked with eggs. The restaurant is a great spot for visitors to try authentic regional cuisine.

Though La Voute, Chez Léa presents itself as a bouchon, it is a bit more elegant. All the food is beautifully plated and garnished. However, the dark wood booths and cozy red cushions still provide diners with a welcoming environment.

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