La Vega Central Market

La Vega Central Market is a bustling hub where farmers and local producers bring in tons of newly picked fruits and vegetables as well as fresh dairy and meat produce.

Over a Century Old

Spread over a sprawling 60,000 sq. m., the La Vega Central Market is the food capital of Santiago where tons of fresh produce and foods are sold.

The market’s humble origins date back to late 19th century when the site was designated for the purpose. Also known as Feria Mapocho locally, the market runs along the banks of the Mapocho River. Its ideal location along the river served to bring in vast amounts of produce by the boatloads from villages upriver.

More than Just Produce

Besides fresh produce, the market also boasts hundreds of merchandise stores as well as stalls that sell Chilean delicacies from street food to snacks to aromatic stews and broth.

The market is at its busiest during lunch hours when thousands of locals descend on the site for delicious and affordable meals.

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