La Terraza del Casino

La Terraza del Casino is an elegant restaurant at the top of Madrid's Casino building. It has great views of the city skyline, and offers creative and innovative food inspired by Spanish, Catalan and Basque cuisine.

Great Views Of The City

La Terraza del Casino (The Casino’s Terrace) is an elegant restaurant situated on the top floor of a 19th century building called Madrid’s Casino. The restaurant is accessed by an old fashioned lift with brass doors, and it has great views of the city.

Innovative Food

The restaurant offers 3 tasting menus, and their sommelier can help choose the perfect wine to accompany each dish. Each meal is presented as a small work of art, and chef Paco Roncero is praised for his originality and creativity. Some of the most popular dished include creamy rice with pigeon and red wine, and sole fish with black butter.

Stylish Setting

The interior is quite stark with white tables and chairs contrasted against a beautiful chequered floor. In the summer they also have an outside seating area which is worth asking for if you book a table. Service is friendly and attentive.