La Tasca de Altamar

La Tasca de Altamar is an iconic seafood restaurant that is renowned for their cuisine featuring daily fresh catch and delicatessen.

As Close to the Sea as It Can Get

La Tasca de Altamar was established in 1982 to meet the demand for fresh seafood in the land-locked sity of Santiago. With its impeccable menu, memorable blue-and-wood themed decor and friendly ambience, La Tasca has won over the city and enjoys popularity among locals and global visitors.

Assorted Seafood

La Tasca de Altamar offers a huge selection of seafood from fish to prawns, to oysters and scallops, octopus, squids, clams, abalones, sea urchins, barnacles and king crabs. Their everyday specialty is completely dependent on the catch of the day.

A glance at their appetizers gives one an idea of their offerings – Deep Fried Calamari Rings, Roasted Razor Clams, Seafood Empanadas, Salmon Carpaccio and more. Their mains include adventurous dishes like Risotto de Calamar (Squid Ink), Chilean Abalone with Yellow Curry and Pulpo a La Gallega (Octopus with Paprika).

With seafood, there has got to be wines to enhance the taste of it. La Tasca de Altamar serves white and red wines at an unbeatable price!