La Scala

Italian cuisine at its finest is served at La Scala, a husband and wife run restaurant, located on the north coast of Mahe Island. Head chef Gianni Torsi creates authentic Italian dishes using homemade concoctions and presents them in a romantic setting overlooking the ocean.

What to Order

Though primarily Italian the restaurant has a wide array of fish dishes including clams in white wine, grilled parrotfish and seafood pasta that will satisfy you right down to the last bite. All the pasta’s here are homemade and rolled out fresh each morning to ensure optimum taste.

What to Expect

Not only is the restaurant family friendly and boasts fabulous views of Bauer Vallon Bay, but it’s also a local hotspot, and the authenticity creates a great atmosphere. The service is also exceptional, and you can expect your waiter to cater to your every need, you’ll most likely get a visit from the owners too!