La Pergola

With master chef Heinz Beck at the helm, this Italian-Mediterranean establishment atop the Waldorf Astoria hotel has become the only restaurant in Rome with three Michelin stars.

Three Michelin stars

In a city filled with Michelin-starred restaurants, it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd. But Chef Heinz Beck has reigned supreme from his rooftop ristorante since 1994. La Pergola is the only restaurant in all of Rome to earn three Michelin stars. It’s reputation for excellence is second to none, and Beck prides himself on channeling passion and emotion into each Italian-Mediterranean dish.

The ultimate wine list

Beck is well matched by award-winning sommelier Marco Reitano, who has expertly curated two stellar wine lists. An international list boasts such rare finds as a 1945 Petrus and a 1922 Chateau Lafite Rothschild. Meanwhile, the restaurant’s Italian-only wine list is perhaps the most exhaustive in the world, with no fewer than 34 entries from Gaja Barbaresco alone.

The height of elegance

For the full Pergola experience, a 10-course gourmet menu runs the gamut from duck foie gras powder to cod with celery sauce all the way to a red fruit ice with tea cream. Your surroundings will be as elegant as your plate with a vaguely nautical design to the dining room and panoramic views over Rome from the top of the Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri hotel.

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