La Moneda Palace

The majestic La Moneda Palace is a national monument designed by the famed architect, Joaquin Toesca. The Palace is presently the seat of the President of Chile.

Palacio de La Moneda

The Palacio de La Moneda, as it is known locally, was commissioned in 1743 by King Philip V. However, construction began in 1784 and the Palace was inaugurated in 1805. It was originally a colonial mint but today the magnificent building is the seat of the Government of Chile.

Heritage Monument

The Palace built in neo-classical style is reminiscent of the great monuments in Europe. The expansive Plaza de la Constitucion, in front of the Palace is also the venue for Changing of the Guard ceremony conducted by the Chilean National Police Force.

The stately mansion allows visitors and if you manage to register early on their website, you can enjoy free guided tours of the Palace. You can enjoy views of its many remarkable features like the Patio of the Naranjos (Oranges) as well as the Chapel and the Pedro de Valdivia Hall.

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