Kuala Lumpur

City Gallery

Discover the Best of Malaysian Art and Crafts at the City Gallery in Kuala Lumpur.

You can’t miss the KL City Gallery – there is a giant red sign stating ‘I love KL’ directly in front of the building. The gallery was originally designed to showcase and promote the country’s heritage. Constructed in 1899 during the British colonial administration, the building was used originally for printing government reports.

What can I expect to see here?

One of the main gallery highlights is the Kuala Lumpur city model, which portrays the city’s past and envisages its future – it’s the first of its kind in Asia and measures a huge 40 ft x 50 ft. You can also visit the KL skyline mural which was created by sculpting more than 20 species of wood all by hand. There is also a pleasant café inside if you wish to take a break from your artistic discoveries.

What else?

The KL City Gallery is located in the heritage district of the city in Merdeka Square which means there are lots of incredible buildings and places of interest to see here. Visit the National Textiles Museum, the City Library, Victorian Fountain, St. Mary’s Cathedral, the City Theatre which dates back to 1896 and the Jamek Mosque.