New Zealand-based chef Jude Kereama brings unusual, Pacific Rim flavors to a traditional, 300-year-old building in Porthleven Harbour.

New Zealand Meets England

The name Kota means “shellfish” in Maori. Why a Maori name in the heart of Cornwall? Because Chef Jude Kereama is a native New Zealander. At Kota, he combines the bright, Pacific Rim flavors of his home with fresh, local fish and meats.

Award-Winning Flavors

Kereama’s innovate cuisine has won many awards, including a Bib Gourmand from the Michelin Guide. His menu boasts dishes such as cornish lamb with a pea and mint puree, served with a side of garlic risotto. There’s also a hake filet served with rock pool shrimp and Cornish seaweed.

Visitors will find Kota in a 300-year-old building in Porthleven Harbour. Inside there are touches of Kereama’s Southeast-Asian home mixed with the traditional British architecture: bright plants and flowers, light floor tiles. The restaurant also offers small accommodations for guests who want to stay, with breakfast included.