Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam

An elegant royal palace in the Dutch capital.

A Royal Palace

Did you know that the Netherlands has its own royal family? Though not as famous as their British counterparts, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima have their own elegant palace in the heart of Amsterdam. Many days of the year, this historic structure is open to the public–though the king and queen probably won’t be there to greet you.

History and Art

Originally built as Amsterdam’s town hall, the palace was opened in 1655. Visitors can tour its many opulent rooms, from the chandelier-lined Citizens’ Hall to the stately Council Chamber. The palace also features many classic paintings of the Dutch royal family throughout the years.

In the summer, the palace hosts temporary exhibitions, and every autumn the winners of the Royal Award for Modern Painting display their work. The palace is still used for royal functions, so it is not open every day. Visitors should check the website calendar for details.

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