Hong Kong

Knutsford Terrace

Knutsford Terrace is a foodie’s delight – thanks to a pedestrian street that is dotted with several bars, pubs and restaurants many of which allow you to enjoy al fresco dining with some of the finest wines in all of Hong Kong.

Premier dining destination

It’s called Knutsford Terrace for a reason – it is a terraced road that slopes down from the main road. A feature that makes it inaccessible for motorists much to the delight of the visitors who crowd this place at all times of the day. The Terrace is home to over 40 bars and restaurants that cater nearly all of the popular world cuisines.

From Italian to Japanese

Enjoy imaginative Italian fare at the Tutto Bene Ristorante Italiano (No. 7) or be seduced by a range of authentic ‘Italiana’ sauces at Il Meglio Ristorante di Venezia (No. 8). At No. 15, you can opt for Japanese at Akita or an eclectic Chinese experience at the Birdcage complete with inspired dishes as well as décor that includes some antique brushwork. On the first floor is the premium Knutsford Steakshop and Oyster Bar that boasts prime-cuts grilled over lava rock charbroilers as well as shellfish that are flown in daily from Europe.

And finally, just before you wrap up your evening, don’t forget to say hello to the Eastern Island “moai” at the Abebe Polynesian Bar.