Knez Mihailova Street

The central street of Belgrade is a commercial hub, a place for a relaxing stroll, street performances and cultural events.

Knez Mihailova Street, Duke Michael’s Street in English, is a pedestrianized zone in the Belgrade’s core, “overwhelmed” with stores, cafes, cultural centers and street performers. It stretches from the Albania Palace to the Kalemegdan Fortress, a distance that can be covered in 15 minutes by walk given that you resist the urge to spend money along the way.

And, there are indeed plenty of opportunities to get your pockets emptied. Aside of well-known shops selling garments, shoes, cosmetics and accessories, you might well be attracted by souvenir shops, or free exhibitions or concerts in the SANU (Serbian Academy of Science and Art) or ULUS (Serbian Association of Fine Arts) galleries. During late afternoon and evening hours, street performers flock to Knez Mihailova Street, playing popular and ethno music, performing acrobatic performances, and more. If you wish to have a self-portrait, you can get one done (or as many as you wish) by a portraitist.

In Knez Mihailova you’ll always see many people enjoying a relaxing walk, and few that are in a hurry. And when the working hours are over, gardens of numerous restaurants and bars lining the street get filled. It’s unlikely, however, that you’ll be left without options if wishing to have a Serbian specialty or a simple coffee, so take your time while you are in Belgrade and take it easy.

Photos from Knez Mihailova Street